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 An Open Letter to Senator John McCain and the Republican National Committee:
September 2, 2008

Dear Senator McCain and Mike Duncan, Chairman, Republican National Committee:
"Dear" is all you will get from me. By now you all should be in Minneapolis for your shindig that you call a “convention.”

I am an African-American, and I cannot hold back my anger any longer. It is a documented fact that the Republican Party before and during the Civil War supported and benefited from slavery. As a matter of fact, the Republican Party was started for the express purpose of defending slavery and holding down black people.

FACT:  Brother X needs to dust off the history books he never read.    Here is what Wikipedia says "The Republican Party was created in 1854 in opposition to the Kansas-Nebraska Act that would have allowed the expansion of slavery into Kansas. Besides opposition to slavery, the new party put forward a progressive vision of modernizing the United States—emphasizing higher education, banking, railroads, industry and cities, while promising free homesteads to farmers."

Here is what the "evil" Republican Party has to say about its history of slavery: "
The Republican Party was born in the early 1850's by anti-slavery activists and individuals who believed that government should grant western lands to settlers free of charge. The first informal meeting of the party took place in Ripon, Wisconsin, a small town northwest of Milwaukee. The first official Republican meeting took place on July 6th, 1854 in Jackson, Michigan. The name 'Republican' was chosen because it alluded to equality and reminded individuals of Thomas Jefferson's Democratic-Republican Party....Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican to win the White House.

"The Civil War erupted in 1861 and lasted four grueling years. During the war, against the advice of his cabinet, Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves. The Republicans of the day worked to pass the Thirteenth Amendment, which outlawed slavery, the Fourteenth, which guaranteed equal protection under the laws, and the Fifteenth, which helped secure voting rights for African-Americans."
What?  We all thought it was the Democrats that freed the slaves and did all those nice things for blacks after the Civil War.

Here is a homework assignment: Google "Republican slave owners" or " Republican slave masters."  See what kind of results you get.  Even Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Illinois) said "before the Civil War, the Democratic slave masters used to hold anti-black conventions."     Can we doubt Congressman Jackson?

 It is also a matter of record that the Ku Klux Klan was started by Republicans after the Civil War to terrorize and murder black and white Democrats in the South. Republicans hated the fact that many ex-slaves were serving in state and federal government. They also hated the fact that everyone of the ex-slaves were all members of the Democratic Party. All the white Democrats, before and after the Civil War, were sympathetic to the cause of abolition of slavery and of civil rights for blacks, therefore racist Republicans had no use for them.   

FACT:  "(T)he Ku Klux Klan, was formed in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1865. Originally founded as a social club for former Confederate soldiers, the Klan evolved into a terrorist organization. It would be responsible for thousands of deaths, and would help to weaken the political power of Southern blacks and Republicans.... Racist activity in the South often took the form of riots that targeted blacks and Republicans." (   Wait a minute!  The KKK targeted Republicans?  I was under the impression that the KKK was a Republican organization! It continues: "Republicans would continue programs that prevented Southern whites from gaining political control in their states. Klan members knew that given the chance, the blacks in their communities would vote Republican...."  Huh? "Across the South, the Klan and other terrorist groups used brutal violence to intimidate Republican voters." The Klan intimidated Republican voters?

Historian Dr. Eric Foner of Columbia University wrote in his book A Short History of Reconstruction :"“In effect, the Klan was a military force serving the interests of the Democratic party, the planter class, and all those who desired the restoration of white supremacy.  It aimed to destroy the Republican party’s infrastructure, undermine the Reconstruction state, reestablish control of the black labor force, and restore racial subordination in every aspect of Southern life.”  Look it up and research.  What the the X Files say?  "The truth is out there"?

  The Republicans historically have been bitter opponents of the following Democratic initiatives:         The 13th Amendment that abolished slavery in 1865         The 1866 Civil Rights Act         The First Reconstruction Act of 1867         The 14th Amendment in 1868 that made all persons born in the U.S., including former slaves, U.S. citizens.         The 15th Amendment in 1870 that give every citizen the right to vote         The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 which was to stop Republican Klansmen to terrorized white and black Democrats         The 1875 Civil Rights Act         The 1957 Civil Rights Act         The 1964 Civil Rights Act          The 1965 Voters Rights Act

FACT:   I thought we got that straight about the KKK.  Here is how it should read according to the facts of history:  "The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 which was to stop Democratic  Klansmen who terrorized white and black Republicans."   If you research history, go on the internet, go to library, etc.  you will find that every single act had overwhelming Republican support.   The Republican leadership in Congress especially pushed for passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voters Rights Act.

"white Republicans...fought passage of these laws at every turn..."

 In every case, the white Republicans in the Senate, especially Senator Everett Dirksen, and in the House of Representatives fought passage of these laws at every turn as well as being compelled to give up their slaves after the Civil War. The Democratic leadership, especially Senator Robert Byrd who has always despised the Ku Klux Klan and who discouraged white Americans from joining that gang, fought very hard to have those laws passed. (HE WAS A RECRUITER FOR THE KLAN!) Democratic Senator Al Gore Sr., not only voted for the Civil Rights Act in 1964, but he, along side of Senator Byrd, fought a 74-day filibuster by Republicans to defeat the legislation. (HE WAS THE STAR OF THE FILIBUSTER SHOW. LOOK IT UP!) The Congressional Quarterly of June 26, 1964 recorded that, in the Senate, only 69% of Republicans (46 for, 21 against) voted for the Civil Rights Act as compared to 82% of Democrats (27 for, 6 against) the Civil Rights Act. In the House of Representatives, 61% of Republicans (152 for, 96 against) voted for the Civil Rights Act and. 80% of Democrats, (138 for, 34 against) voted for it.

FACT:  "Republicans supported the 1964 Civil Rights Act much more than did the Democrats.  It was Senator Dirksen, not President Lyndon Johnson, who was most responsible for defeating the Democrat filibuster against that landmark legislation.  Along with most other political leaders at the time, LBJ credited Dirksen for getting the bill passed: 'The Attorney General said that you were very helpful and did an excellent job... I'll see that you get proper attention and credit.' Dirksen condemned the 14-hour filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act by Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV), the former Ku Klux Klan recruiter whom Democrats call 'the conscience of the Senate.'  Sen.  Dirksen shamed the Democrats into accepting racial equality." (  As far as support here is what actually happened: " The Congressional Quarterly of June 26, 1964 recorded that, in the Senate, only 69% of Democrats (46 for, 21 against) voted for the Civil Rights Act as compared to 82% of Republicans (27 for, 6 against) the Civil Rights Act. In the House of Representatives, 61% of Democrats (152 for, 96 against) voted for the Civil Rights Act and. 80% of Republicans, (138 for, 34 against) voted for it."

Any questions?

"The Democrats have always been opposed  to lynchings for decades."

 The Republicans have also opposed every Democratic anti-lynching bill to their shame.  The Democrats have always been opposed to lynchings for decades.  (WRONG:  Anti-lynching legislation was NEVER initiated by Democrats. Republicans have always pushed anti-lynching legislation:  "In the 1920s, the Republican Party platform routinely called for anti-lynching legislation. The Democrats rejected such calls in their own platforms. When FDR forged the New Deal, he was able to pry Blacks away from their traditional attachment to the Party of Lincoln. But they remained in their dependent status, Democrats by virtue of political expediency, not principle. " (

For these reason, we black people deserve an apology from the Republican Party for the following:

•  support of slavery, on record in their platforms
FACT:  " The illustration shows a slave auction.  At the slave auction, a black family is being sold.  The Mother is being sold separately from the child and Husband.  Clearly, the family was being split apart and sold separately.  In the second image, a black man is shown tied to a tree and being brutally beaten by two men with whips. Other slaves are forced to watch the brutality, I suppose as a warning to them.  All this was accepted practice in the United States of the 1850's and 1860's.  The Democratic Platform of 1864 was strongly supporting continuing this practice as "Business as Usual." (

"In the 1840s and '50s, the party was in conflict over extending slavery to the Western territories. Southern Democrats insisted on protecting slavery in all the territories while many Northern Democrats resisted (To their credit - Brother Y). The party split over the slavery issue in 1860 at its Presidential convention in Charleston, South Carolina. Northern Democrats nominated Stephen Douglas as their candidate, and Southern Democrats adopted a pro-slavery platform and nominated John C. Breckinridge in an election campaign that would be won by Abraham Lincoln and the newly formed Republican Party. After the Civil War, most white Southerners opposed Radical Reconstruction and the Republican Party's support of black civil and political rights. The Democratic Party identified itself as the "white man's party" and demonized the Republican Party as being 'Negro dominated....'" (

Look what was in the Douglas faction's Democratic Platform: " Resolved, That the enactments of State Legislatures to defeat the faithful execution of the Fugitive Slave Law, are hostile in character, subversive of the Constitution, and revolutionary in their effect. " (  This Democratic platform supported the Fugitive Slave Law.  And we thought it was the Republicans all along that supported it.

•  support of the Dred Scott decision  WRONG

•  support of segregation and Jim Crow prejudice    WRONG

•  opposition to anti-lynching laws  WRONG

•  attempts to destroy black schools and colleges, and the burning of black churches  WRONG

•  efforts to defeat the Reparation Bill of 1866  WRONG

•  efforts to defeat every piece of Civil Rights legislation from 1863 to 1964  WRONG

•  efforts to have the 1875 Civil Rights Act declared unconstitutional  WRONG

•  support of the Ku Klux Klan, composed of entirely Republicans, and its vile and violent racist agenda

•  Republican participation in the lynchings of thousands of blacks. WRONG, I THOUGHT WE SETTLED THAT ISSUE.

"Eugene "Bull Conner (the poster boy of American racism) was a Republican."  GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, BRO....

  History will also show the following:

•         Eugene “Bull” Conner (the poster boy of American racism) was a Republican.  FACT: He was a Democrat.

•         The poll tax was a Republican institution. FACT:  Democrats started it.

•         Black codes and Jim Crow laws were instituted by Republicans.  FACT:  Made in Democratia

Africans Americans are even due reparations from the Republican Party since it supported and benefited from slavery as well as supporting KKK terror, racism, etc. The Civil Rights movement started because of the majority white racist Republican power structure in the Old South.   FACT:  Replace the word "Republican" with "Democrat."  Then we all will be in the real world.

"The Democratic Party...has always been supportive of and open and honest with African Americans throughout its history."  HE GOT YOU IF YOU BELIEVE THIS.

 The Democratic Party, of course, has had its problems racially here and there, unfortunately, but it does not have the consistent racist legacy for decades and decades, stretching back to the early 1800’s as the Republican Party has had. The Democratic Party, in general, has always been supportive of and open and honest with African Americans throughout its history.   What did the above PBS reference say? "The Democratic Party identified itself as the 'white man's party' and demonized the Republican Party as being 'Negro dominated....'" (

"It it time for the Republican Party to come clean, tell the truth, and settle the debt."  EVERYONE INVOLVED NEEDS TO COME CLEAN AND TELL THE TRUTH

 You Republicans have been very slick in ignoring and even hiding your racist past from black people. It is time for the Republican Party to come clean, tell the truth, and settle the debt.
Brother X

Actor Warren Beatty, who is not a Republican, was very aware of the
relationship of the  Democratic Party and black people in the film he
co-wrote, co-produced, and directed called Bulworth.  That film had
Halle Berry as a co-star. Beatty played a fictional white Democratic
senator named Jay Bulworth. There is a scene of a political rally in a
black church that goes like this:

BLACK LADY (standing up): Are you saying the Democratic Party don't care about the African American community?

BULWORTH (standing in the pulpit): Isn't it obvious? What are you
going to do? Vote Republican? C'mon, c'mon. You're not going to vote Republican! Let's call a spade a spade.

Beatty got it right.

 IF there is one thing I can agree with Brother X on is that it is time for the Republican Party to come clean and tell the truth about its history.  Then everyone can judge if it has blood on its hands and judge if the Democratic Party silently taking credit for a civil rights history it does not deserve.

The reason we black people support the Democratic Party is because that organization is the organization that has been in support of abolition of slavery and of civil rights for blacks for over 150 years.  We black people are very loyal and would never abandon the people who freed our ancestors and helped us to secure our civil rights. (Is that right? -- Brother Y.) The Democratic Party has always welcomed blacks into its fold from day one.  The fact that the first black Congressmen and Senators during Reconstruction were all Democrats and not Republicans proves that.

It seems  Brother X entered into our time/space continuum from a parallel universe where Republicans really were the slave masters and Democrats freed the slaves. In that world Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat.  Maybe in that universe Bill Clinton was a Republican.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  Go to and look at the actual facts of history.  Also get a book called Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White by David Barton.  Go to and order it.


 Life for blacks in the South before the Civil War was bitter for them. The cry of freedom burned in the hearts of many.  The Republican slave masters did their best to quench that fire.  In a race conscious nation, there were some whites who believed that liberty meant liberty for all, not just one class or one color of people. These people were the Democratic Party.   (Switch Democratic and Republican here.)

There is no telling how the status of blacks would have been if Republicans had been in control of government all these years. It can be argued that we all would have still been in slavery!  (Insert Democrats.)

"We must build a movement!"

 Pass this website address to all your friends and family. We must build a movement! Contact your Democratic committeemen, contact the Congressional Black Caucus, contact the media, contact the Obama for President campaign.  Write letters to the Democratic National Committee, 430 S. Capitol St. SE, Washington, DC 20003. Ask them for official support in pressing the Republican Party to come clean on its racist history of supporting slavery, opposing civil rights for ex-slaves and every civil rights act ever enacted, starting the Ku Klux Klan, and working to keep blacks in second-status for over 100 years. 

 I wonder how they would all react.  Go ahead and write them.


 Write letters to the Republican National Committee, 310 First Street | Washington, D. C. 20003. Tell them that black people are overdue for an apology for its tacit support of slavery in the past, a support that was even stated in its party platforms. Tell them that blacks reject the party that Jefferson Davis embraced.  Tell them that it if was not for the Democratic Party blacks would still be in slavery under Republican slave owners. Tell them that the U.S. Constitution's 13th Amendment of December 18, 1865, "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction," was an initiative of DEMOCRATIC congressmen. Tell them that the 14th Amendment of July 21, 1868, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside," was an initiative of DEMOCRATIC congressmen.  Tell them that the 15th Amendment of March 30, 1870, "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude, was an initiative of DEMOCRATIC congressmen.  The Republicans have to be reminded of that fact over and over again.  Also the Ku Klux Klan was formed by REPUBLICANS after the Civil War. They terrorized and murdered black and white Democrats in the South.  Remind Republicans of that fact too.  Picket all city, county, and state Republican offices with signs "REPUBLICANS MUST APOLOGIZE FOR SLAVERY NOW!"



 Send copies of those letters to your newspapers, television stations, radio stations, political blogs, etc.  Google "media contacts." Call in right-wing radio talk shows like Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Prager, etc, and tell them that the Republican Party needs to apologize to blacks for slavery.  Tell your friends to call them too.  Email them this website.

Look up "Black Republican" websites. Look how they try to "whitewash" history. They cannot name any good thing Republicans have done for blacks.  Demand these people prove to you that Republicans have done more than Democrats for blacks.  Show them in detail the history of the Democratic Party and black Americans.  Go to any Democratic website and they willl be full of the good things Democrats have done for blacks, including freeing blacks from slavery, fighting the KKK, fighting Republican lynchings, all the civil rights laws, etc.  Ask any black Republican how he or she can support a party that embraced slavery and whose members started the Ku Klux Klan?  Is this the reason why Jesse Jackson called black Republicans "turncoats?" or another reason? Write him too and ask him to make a Republican apology for slavery a presidential campaign issue. Write Al Sharpton too.

Again Go to and look at the actual facts of history.  Do some research.

"Can a political party that has refused to apologize for its sordid racist history be worthy of support by black Americans?" THAT IS MY QUESTION TOO.

 Read books by Democratic black statesmen such as Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington.  Get to know the history of your party intimately. (Oh how I agree with him, but Douglass and Washington were both Republicans. Sorry. Facts don't change.)

Confront the Republicans openly and often and make them come clean on their past.  Ask them why don't apologize.

Can a poltical party that has refused to apologize for its sorid racist history be worthy of support by black Americans? Can a political party that has actively sought to hide its racist history from blacks all these years be worthy of support by black Americans?

You decide.


 Reparations Petition to Congress Demanding a Formal Apology to  African Americans for the Democratic Party’s 200-year History of Racism We, African American citizens of the United States, declare and assert:

Whereas the healing of wounds begins with an apology, and the Democratic Party has never apologized for their horrific atrocities and racist practices against African Americans during the past two hundred years, nor held accountable for the residual impact that those atrocities and practices are having on us today,

Whereas as a result of the1898 Wilmington Race Riot Commission Report of May 31, 2006, the North Carolina Democratic Party issued a unanimous apology on January 20, 2007 for the Democratic Party’s 1898 murderous rampage against blacks,

Whereas in 2007 the Democrats in control of Congress refused to pass the H.R. 40 bill, Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act, that was first introduced in 1989 and was re-introduced in every Congress since then by black Democrat Congressman John Conyers of Michigan,

Whereas inner-city minister Rev. Wayne Perryman wrote a book, Unfounded Loyalty: An In-depth Look Into The Love Affair Between Blacks and Democrats, and filed a lawsuit against the Democratic Party on December 10, 2004, but, after admitting their history of racism under oath in court, the Democrats refused to apologize,

Whereas history shows that the Democratic Party through its racist agenda and “States’ Rights” claim to own slaves, sought to protect and preserve the institution of slavery from 1792 to 1865, thus enslaving millions of African Americans, while the Republican Party was started in 1854 as the anti-slavery party and fought to free blacks from slavery and championed civil rights for blacks,

Whereas the Democratic Party enacted Fugitive Slave laws to keep blacks from escaping from plantations; instigated the 1856 Dred Scott decision which legally classified blacks as property; passed the Missouri Compromise to spread slavery into 50% of the new Northern states; and passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act designed to spread slavery into all of the new Northern states,

Whereas the Democratic Party in the South formed the Confederacy, seceded from the Union and fought a Civil War to expand slavery where over 600,000 citizens were killed, including many thousand blacks,

Whereas starting in 1861, anti-Civil War Democrats in the North were called “copperheads” like the poisonous snake because they (a) wanted to appease the South and accept a negotiated peace that would have resulted in an independent Confederacy where blacks were kept in slavery, and (b) showed their deep opposition to the Civil War draft by taking their anger out on blacks, murdering and maiming blacks in virtually every Northern state,

Whereas anti-Civil War Democrats in New York engaged in “Four Days of Terror” against the city’s black population from July 13-16, 1863, and the anti-Civil War chant of the Democrats, as reported by one Pennsylvania newspaper, was: "Willing to fight for Uncle Sam", but not “for Uncle Sambo,"

Whereas the anti-Civil War Democrats verbally attacked Republican President Abraham Lincoln because he wanted to free the slaves through war and grant blacks civil rights, and drafted Northern men into the army to fight and die to make his Emancipation Proclamation a reality a Proclamation that became the source of the Juneteenth celebrations that occur in black communities today,

Whereas after the Civil War, the Republican Party (a) pushed to amend the Constitution to grant blacks freedom (13th Amendment), citizenship (14th Amendment) and the right to vote (15th Amendment); (b) passed the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1875; and (c) designed Reconstruction, a ten-year period of unprecedented political power for African Americans,

Whereas anti-civil rights Democrat Andrew Johnson became president when Republican President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, and after the Civil War, the Democratic Party fought to end Reconstruction and deny blacks the promised “40 acres and a mule;” fought to overturn all civil rights legislation from the 1860’s to the 1960’s; and passed repressive legislation including the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws,

Whereas the book A Short History of Reconstruction by the renowned historian, Dr. Eric Foner, revealed that: (a) the Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1866 by Democrats as a Tennessee social club; (b) the Ku Klux Klan became a military force serving the interests of the Democratic Party, the planter class, and all those who desired the restoration of white supremacy; and (c) the Ku Klux Klan spread into other Southern states, launching a ‘reign of terror‘ against Republican leaders, black and white,

Whereas the book A Short History of Reconstruction by Dr. Eric Foner exposed the facts that: (a) the Hayes-Tilden Compromise of 1877 was an attempt by Republicans to get the Democrats to stop lynching Republicans, black and white, and respect the rights of blacks; and (b) contrary to legend, President Rutherford Hayes did not remove the last federal troops from the South, but merely ordered federal troops surrounding the South Carolina and Louisiana statehouses to return to their barracks,

Whereas after taking control of Congress in the late 1800’s, the Democratic Party passed the Repeal Act of 1894 that overturned all civil rights legislation passed by the Republicans, including the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1875,

Whereas the Democratic Party supported the Plessy v. Ferguson decision in 1896 that established the “separate but equal” segregation doctrine,

Whereas historical documents show that: (a) in an effort to stop the Democrats from lynching and denying civil rights to blacks, the NAACP was founded on Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s 100th birthday, February 12, 1909, by white Republicans Oswald Garrison Villard, Mary White Ovington and William English Walling; and (b) the first black general secretary of the NAACP was black Republican James Weldon Johnson who became the general secretary of the NAACP in 1920 and, in 1900, wrote the song, “Lift Every Voice,” known as the “Black National Anthem” in collaboration with his brother, John Rosamond Johnson,

Whereas after Democrat President Woodrow was elected in 1912 and while Congress was controlled by the Democrats, all black American civil employees where pushed out of federal government jobs, and the greatest number of bills proposing racial segregation and discrimination were introduced than had ever been proposed in our nation’s history,

Whereas even though Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt received the vote of many black Americans due to his “New Deal,” he banned black American newspapers from the military because he was convinced the newspapers were communists and rejected anti-lynching laws pushed by Republicans, as well as efforts by Republicans to establish a permanent Civil Rights Commission that did not get established until 1958 under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower,

Whereas Democrat President Harry Truman not only rejected Republican efforts to enact anti-lynching laws and establish a permanent Civil Rights Commission, but also failed to enforce his 1948 Executive Order designed to desegregate the military, an order that was not effectively enforced until Republican President Dwight Eisenhower was elected,

Whereas with the party slogan: "Segregation Forever!," the Dixiecrats, who were Democrats, (a) formed the States' Rights Democratic Party for the presidential election of 1948; (b) remained Democrats for all local elections and all subsequent national elections; and (c) did not all migrate to the Republican Party as Democrats today falsely claim, but instead those racist Democrats died Democrats and had declared that they would rather vote for a “yellow dog” than a Republican because the Republican Party was known as the party for blacks,

Whereas during the civil rights era of the 1960's, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was a Republican, was fighting the Democrats including: (a) Democrat Georgia Governor Lester Maddox who famously brandished ax handles to prevent blacks from patronizing his restaurant; (b) Democrat Public Safety Commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connor in Birmingham who let loose vicious dogs and turned fire hoses on black civil rights demonstrators; and (c) Democrat Alabama Governor George Wallace who stood in front of the Alabama schoolhouse in 1963 and thundered, "Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever,"

Whereas the Democratic Party supported the Topeka, Kansas school board in the Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (a 1954 Supreme Court decision by Chief Justice Earl Warren who was appointed by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower) which declared that the “separate but equal” doctrine violated the 14th Amendment and ended school segregation,

Whereas in 1954, Democrat Arkansas Governor Orville Faubus tried to prevent the desegregation of a Little Rock public school, resulting in Republican President Dwight Eisenhower sending federal troops to prevent violence and enforce a court order desegregating the Little Rock school,

Whereas Democratic President John F. Kennedy was not a civil rights advocate because he: (a) voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Law (that was pushed by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower); (b) opposed the 1963 March on Washington by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (that was organized by black Republican A. Phillip Randolph); (c) authorized the FBI (supervised by his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy) to wiretap and investigate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on suspicion of being a communist in order to undermine that Civil Rights leader; (d) was later criticized by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for ignoring civil rights issues; and (e) only grudgingly agreed to make a telephone call to get Dr. King, Jr. out of the Birmingham jail after Dr. King, Sr. requested Kennedy’s help,

Whereas due to the nearly 100 years of opposition to civil rights laws by Democrats, Republican Senator Barry Goldwater, who ran for president against Lyndon Johnson in 1964, sought to force the Democrats in the South to stop passing discriminatory laws and thus end the need to continuously enact federal civil rights legislation, but his efforts were not heeded by the Democrats who later unjustly criticized Goldwater,

Whereas Democrat President Lyndon Johnson could not have achieved passage of civil rights legislation without the support of Republicans due to the strong opposition of Democrats, and in his 4,500-word State of the Union Address delivered on January 4, 1965, Johnson mentioned scores of topics for federal action, but only thirty five words were devoted to civil rights and not one word about voting rights,

Whereas it was Republican Senator Everett Dirksen from Illinois, not Democrat President Lyndon Johnson, who was key to the passage of civil rights legislation in 1957, 1960 and 1964, as well as the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1968 which prohibited discrimination in housing,

Whereas Democratic Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, a former “Kleagle” in the Ku Klux Klan, made a 14-hour filibuster speech in the Senate in June 1964 in an unsuccessful effort to block passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act,

Whereas because Republican Senator Everett successfully fought to pass civil rights laws in the face of strong opposition to civil rights laws by the Democrats, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. hailed Senator Dirksen’s “able and courageous leadership;” and "The Chicago Defender," the largest black-owned daily at that time, praised Senator Dirksen “for the grand manner of his generalship behind the passage of the best civil rights measures that have ever been enacted into law since Reconstruction,”

Whereas the statement by Democrat President Lyndon Johnson about losing the South after passage of the 1964 civil rights law was not made out of a concern that racist Democrats would suddenly join the Republican Party that was fighting for the civil rights of blacks, but instead, was an expression of fear that the racist Democrats would again form a third party, such as the short-lived States' Rights Democratic Party,

Whereas after Democrat President Lyndon Johnson expressed his concern that the racist Democrats in the South would be lost  after the passage of the 1964 civil rights laws, Johnson’s concern came true when Alabama’s Democrat Governor George C. Wallace in 1968 started the American Independent Party that attracted other racist candidates, including Democrat Atlanta Mayor Lester Maddox,

Whereas in March of 1968, while referring to the fact that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. left Memphis, Tennessee after riots broke out where a teenager was killed, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd called Dr. King a "trouble-maker" who starts trouble, but runs like a coward after trouble is ignited, which motivated Dr. King to return to Memphis a few weeks later where he was assassinated on April 4, 1968,

Whereas Democrats expressed little, if any, concern when the racially segregated South voted solidly for Democrats; yet unfairly deride Republicans because of the thirty-year odyssey of the South switching to the Republican Party that began in the 1970's with President Richard Nixon's "Southern Strategy," which was an effort on the part of Nixon to get fair-minded people in the South to stop voting for Democrats who did not share their values, and who were discriminating against blacks,

Whereas Republican President Richard Nixon began enforcement of Affirmative Action as a merit-based system to help African Americans prosper with his 1969 Philadelphia Plan (crafted by black Republican Art Fletcher) that set the nation's first goals and timetables, as well as his 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act that made merit-based Affirmative Action programs the law of our nation, but Democrats turned Affirmative Action into an unfair quota system;

Whereas Democrat Senator Robert Byrd who was a fierce opponent of desegregating the military complained in one letter: “I would rather die a thousand times and see old glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again than see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen of the wilds,”

Whereas in the early 1970’s, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd pushed to have the Senate’s main office building named after a former “Dixiecrat,” Democrat Senator Richard Russell who was Senator Byrd’s mentor and leading opponent of ant-lynching legislation, and in 2001 Senator Byrd was forced to apologize for using the N-word on television,

Whereas Democrats did not denounce Democrat Senator Christopher Dodd who praised Senator Robert Byrd as someone who would have been "a great senator for any moment," including the Civil War; yet Democrats denounced Senator Trent Lott for his remarks about Senator Strom Thurmond who was never in the Ku Klux Klan and, after he became a Republican, defended blacks against lynching and the discriminatory poll taxes imposed on blacks by Democrats,

Whereas Democrats today demean and discriminate against blacks including (a) Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy who called black judicial nominees “Neanderthals;” (b) Democrat Senator Harry Reid who slurred Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as someone who could not write good English; (c) Democrat Senator Joe Biden who boasted that his home state of Delaware was a slave state and slandered all black former presidential candidates (Rep. Shirley Chisholm who became the first black and the first woman to run for president in 1972; Senator Carol Mosely Braum; Rev. Jesse Jackson; and Rev. Al Sharpton) by declaring that Senator Barack Hussein Obama (the son of an white American woman and a man from Kenya) is the first “clean” black presidential candidate; (d) Democratic Party operatives who depicted Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele on the Internet as a “Simple Sambo;” (e) cartoonist Jeff Danziger and Pat Oliphant who portrayed Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice as a “stooge” and a bare foot, “Ignorant Mammy;” (f) Democratic Senator John F. Kerry who denounced Affirmative Action on the floor of the Senate in the 1990’s; (g) Senator Hillary Clinton who set the tone for the current race-based slander when she insulted Mahatma Gandhi of India who was a role model for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by calling Gandhi a gas station attendant; and (h) President Bill Clinton who – following in the footsteps of his mentor J. William Fulbright, a staunch segregationist –  refused to enforce a court-ordered Affirmative Action Plan while president and was himself sued for discriminating against his black employees while he was the Governor of Arkansas,

Whereas the Democratic Party’s use of deception and fear to intimidate black Americans into voting for Democrats is consistent with the Democratic Party’s heritage of racism that included sanctioning of slavery and kukluxery  a perversion of moral sentiment among leaders of the Democratic Party; and the Democratic Party’s racist legacy bode ill until this generation of African Americans,

Now, therefore, for the documented atrocities and accumulated wrongs inflicted upon African Americans, we demand a formal written apology from the Democratic Party.

 If you believe that the Democratic Party is the best choice for blacks, they gotcha. Today’s Republican Party is not perfect. Everybody knows that. Unfortunately many Republicans do not know their own history.   Today's Republican Party needs to go back to the princples of the "Radical Republicans" of yesteryear.  They, that is the white Republicans, were even called "Black Republicans" because of their anti-slavery and civil rights stands.  However, one hundred years ago, blacks overwhelmingly voted Republican, something that is not talked about in history classes much. I wonder why.... (To vote Democrat back then was to be an “Uncle Tom.”) Blacks left what they had, and look what happened.  Democrats did not fall in love with blacks. They fell in love with the black vote, don't you think? The question is why has not the Democratic Party been honest and open with African Americans about its history if they are our best friends?

Check this out: Go to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) website ( It says: "
In 1848, the National Convention established the Democratic National Committee, now the longest running political organization in the world. The Convention charged the DNC with the responsibility of promoting 'the Democratic cause' between the conventions and preparing for the next convention." Remember part of the Democratic cause included supporting slavery. Then the next paragraph immediately says: "As the 19th Century came to a close, the American electorate changed more and more rapidly. The Democratic Party embraced the immigrants who flooded into cities and industrial centers, built a political base by bringing them into the American mainstream, and helped create the most powerful economic engine in history."

What? No mention of fighting for civil rights for blacks? We leave 1848 and timewarp to the late 19th Century in a few words. Why? Why the 50-year gap in the DNC history? Why not talk about the Civil War and Reconstruction? Why not talk abou tthe first Black government officials on state and federal levels?  Are they afraid to reveal that they were 100% Republican Black elected officials?  There was a Black elected official who admitted that he did not know there were Blacks in Congress in the 19th Century.  Why do not the Democrats talk about the Constitutional amendments that formally abolished slavery, declared former slaves to be U.S. citizens, and gave them the right to vote? It it because they cannot take any credit for it because those amendments were all Republican initiatives?

Why leave out that part of history?  Surely they could not be trying to sweep 50-years of history under the carpet, could they?  Also on that site the last Ron Brown, former Chairman of the DNC, said: "The common thread of Democratic history, from Thomas Jefferson to Bill Clinton, has been an abiding faith in the judgement of hardworking families, and a commitment to helping the excluded, the disenfranchised, and the poor strengthen our nation by earning themselves a piece of the American Dream. We remember this great land was sculpted by immigrants and slaves, their children and grandchildren....) Ron and I part company there. For one thing slaves on the plantation never voted Democrat. They were not even allowed to vote at all. Also all of the slave owners, including Thomas Jefferson, were all Democrats.  Were not the slaves "the excluded, the disenfranchised, and the poor."  What was the Democratic Party doing for them, besides terrorizing them? Don’t you deserve some honesty? Don't you deserve an apology?

Read the following books (look them up on

Unfounded Loyalty: An In-Depth Look into the Love Affair Between Blacks and Democrats by Rev. Wayne Perryman (
It's OK to Leave the Plantation: The New Underground Railroad by C. Mason Weaver
Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White by David Barton (
Black Americans by John Hope Franklin
A Short History of Reconstruction by Dr. Eric Foner
Wrong on Race: The Democratic Party's Buried Past by Bruce Barlett
Back to Basics for the Republican Party by Michael Zak
The Abolitionist Legacy from Reconstruction to the NAACP by Professor James McPherson
The Struggle for Equality by Professor James McPherson

Charles Sumner by Professor David Herbert
The Causes of the Civil War by Professor Kenneth M. Stampp
From Slavery to Freedom by John Hope Franklin and Alfred A. Moss
The Fabulous Democrats by David L. Cohn

The Republicans: A History of Their Party by Professor Malcolm Moos

The Negro Almanac: A Reference Work on African Americans by Harry Ploski and James Williams

Black Lies, White Lies by Tony Brown

A History of Black America by Professor Howard O. Lindsey
Reconstruction After the Civil War by Professor John Hope Franklin
Reconstruction: The Great Experiment by Professor Allen W. Trelease

A Documentary History of the Negro People in the United States by Herbert Aptheker

Suggested essays on internet:

Dems Need a Houseclean" by Deroy Murdock (

"Why is the Black Vote in the Democrat's Pocket?" by Julliette Ochieng


“Racist Democrats vs. Colorblind Republicans” (

“Whitewash: The racist history the Democratic Party wants you to forget” by Bruce Barlett (

“Racists with a Capitol "D" -- for Democrat” by Melanie Morgan (

“The Democratic Party’s Legacy of Racism” by Mackubin T. Owens (

“Truth About The Republican Party And Civil Rights” (

“The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow”(         

“Democrat vs Republican...Which Party Is More Racist?” (

“Unveiled: Democrats’ Racist Past” by Frances Rice (

 “Astonishing History of Democrat Racism” (

“Timeline of Black Republican History” (
Suggested websites:

Why do we never hear about these Congressmen and Senator during Black History Month or any other time of the year? Could it be the fact that they were all Republicans and not Democrats?

"You're not going to vote Republican!"

"BULWORTH (standing in the pulpit): Isn't it obvious? What are you going to do? Vote Republican? C'mon, c'mon. You're not going to vote Republican! Let's call a spade a spade."


From Grand Old Partisan (

"On this day (September 28) in 1868, a mob of Democrats massacred nearly 300 African-American Republicans in Opelousas, Louisiana.

"The savagery began when racist Democrats attacked a newspaper editor, a white Republican and schoolteacher for ex-slaves. Several African-Americans rushed to the assistance of their friend, and in response, Democrats went on a 'Negro hunt,' killing every African-American (all of whom were Republicans) in the area they could find. Emerson Bentley, the white man who was murdered, was editor of a Republican newspaper in the community.
Grand Old Partisan has more on this horrible slaughter of Republicans."

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